Council Meetings


Council Meetings are held every second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. with the exception of Special Meetings which can be held when the City Council or Mayor deems it necessary. The City Secretary will post the Agenda 72 hours before a Council Meeting, to provide proper notification to the City's citizens and the general public.

Council Meetings are held at the City's Court Annex Building 16940 Main Street, Splendora ,TX 77372

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend a Council Meeting?
Council meetings are open to the public. 
How can I add an item to the Agenda?
Contact the Mayor or a member of city council 
Where can I find the Agenda?
The Agenda will be posted on the bulletin board at City Hall and on the city website. When attending a council meeting a copy of the agenda is provided.
Can I Speak at a Council Meeting?
Before a Council meeting begins a sign up sheet is placed on a podium; the person that desires to speak must sign in. Each person that signs in, is given 3 minutes to speak. You are also allowed to speak during an item discussion if you raise your hand, and a Council Member or the Mayor acknowledges you to speak.